Meet our extraordinary team!

Jackie - Beertender

Bryce - Beertender

D'Anna - Beertender

Beth - Artist

Why "Crooked Beech"?

Before we were born, met, or fell in love our Crooked Beech grew. While we built a home and raised a family, our Crooked Beech provided shade.

When we changed course, contemplating futures and business names, our Crooked Beech thrived.

At some point it took a great wallop; a setback of some kind. Yet it still grew. Not straight, but crooked and undeterred. A symbol of resilience and tenacity.

That’s our Beech. That’s our story.

The Beginning

The roots of Crooked Beech Brewing Company reach back to 2012 when Jake homebrewed his first IPA, and the idea of starting a brewery was hatched shortly thereafter around a firepit at a family barbecue. After retiring from the Air Force in 2018, Jake pivoted into commercial brewing and began washing kegs for a local brewpub, eventually working his way up to the brewhouse. In 2022, after all of their children finished high school, Michelle and Jake moved to Loveland to launch the brewery, and to spend time in the mountains.

Michelle - Owner

Jake - Owner and Brewer